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©2017 by Lauren Langdon


When some creative people see numbers their eyes glaze over. Not me. When I look at data, I get excited to uncover the explanation behind trends. My experiences with graphic design, videography and photography guide my data analysis and ensure that my strategies are fact-based, achievable and tailored to specific audiences.


As a convergence journalism major, I know how to go beyond traditional storytelling methods. I recently covered the quality of Kansas City's tap water for Flatland KCPT. Instead of simply writing an article, I created a multimedia package.


The article focused on the news element of the story — the new tap water quality database. This allowed the graphic and video to explore the other elements that would be better explained visually. 

Read the article


I designed this interactive graphic on the Kansas City's tap water quality. No other local media outlet included a way for their readers to interact with the data in their articles about the new tap water database.

View the graphic


The video explains the water treatment process at the largest water utility in Kansas City. This video allowed viewers to have an intimate look into how river water is turned into tap water.

Watch the video